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license number (337):

History of the Office:

Our office has been established since 1429 H, and we have been able, thanks to God, to build a good reputation in a short time at a local level in the field of money collection services and provide legal advice. We have also been a member of ACA since 2009, as we became the first office in Saudi Arabia to get this membership, and we are distinguished by providing the best services and consultations in the field of collection of funds.


Office Sections:

1- Legal consultations and claims: 

We have consultants who have extensive legal experience to collect the rights of our clients through the legal authorities.


2 – Collection through contacting the debtor:

A department specialized in collection of debts through the Call Center, equipped with all available means and distinguished cadres, including women cadres distinguished by accuracy and professionalism, through a program designed specifically for our office to follow up the collection of debts.


Our commitments and principles:

– Compliance with local and international laws and regulations.

– Commitment to confidentiality and protect the rights of customers.

– Adhering to strict work standards and policies aimed at achieving a result while retaining the rights of both parties.

– Understand the problems of debtors and provide advice and guidance for them to best settlement solutions without compromising or waiving the rights of our customers.


Our policy and objectives:


Fees policy: –

The most important feature of our office is the non-payment of any fees by our clients and customers, as in developed countries, the fees and collection fees are collected by the debtor or the opponent himself.


Our Excellence: –