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7 May، 2017 1:36 pm

The debt collection program of the Turki Gharbi office has outstanding quality in terms of ease of handling and strength in performance and accuracy in results.


                                                           Features of the program

Customer services meet their needs such as:

  1. Add company names.
  2. Adding company’s clients.
  3. Follow-up customers.
  4. Store customer data and supports Arabic and English language.
  5. Modify customer data.
  6. Find customers.
  7. Send messages to customers.
  8. Remind employee of the date of communication with customers and supports the Hijri and Gregorian dates.
  9. Close the end customers.
  10. Print customer data.


In addition to a lot of things that serve companies and customers.


Staff services which meet their needs such as:

  1. Follow-up of staff activity by setting time periods.
  2. Store employee data.
  3. Modification of staff data.
  4. Add or delete employees.
  5. Distribution of work to employees.
  6. Screen to see the number of customers and amounts per company.
  7. Balance of messages.
  8. Backup of database.
  9. An administrative appointment to use the full powers of the program


In addition to a lot of things that serve employees and administrators.



  1. Report on customer data based on a file.
  2. Report on the customer communication log.
  3. Report on a specific client connection log.
  4. Report on customer messages.
  5. Report on a specific client message.
  6. Report on customer payments based on a file.
  7. Report on customer contacts based on a particular employee.
  8. Report on the rate of collection of customers based on a file in a specified period.


                                Of the benefits of the collection program

  1. Facilitate staff work.
  2. Easily search for a contact number for new customers from the database.
  3. Do not repeat customer account numbers.
  4. Customer data can’t be deleted by employees.
  5. Reports.
  6. Survey of depositors and adjustment of the Partial amounts without depending on the work of employees.
  7. Ease of sending customer data on their mobile phones upon request

In addition to many benefits that serve customers, employees and administrators