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7 May، 2017 9:31 am

The Turki Gharbi office has achieved a very high success rate and this includes accomplishing tasks that others have been unable to achieve. Success can be traced to some of our core business policies, which are among the most prestigious business policies in the world. We appreciate the value of time and money, that’s why we’re working smarter not longer, so all the tasks and procedures in our business processes are integrated with each other in a smooth manner, allowing us to continuously improve the quality of our debt collection services.

Over the years, we have developed relationships that allow us to collect the debt of our clients at a faster pace than any other party. We always host experts and advisors in the debt collection industry to identify their views and recommendations. We also provide our employees with regular internships, in addition to focused training on dealing with specific situations, we also establish strategic alliances with external partners and lawyers to deal with cases of fleeing debtors.